Student Mass and Supper

Student Mass and Supper


It is open to our students at Drake University, Grand View University, DMU, Mercy College and DMACC and other local college students  at no cost.


When Drake is in session, there is a  Sunday evening student mass at 5 PM followed by dinner at 6 PM. Even if a student chooses to go to a different mass, they're still welcome for dinner at 6 PM.

How it works:

The parishioners of our parish, along with different groups from our diocese make homemade dinners for our student suppers. We would like our students to feel like our center is their home away from home. Having people cook them home made meals and eating together helps students build community.


Student Masses and Student Suppers take place at our St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center (Drake Newman Community) which is located at 1150 28th St. right across the street from campus.

Community Support

We are grateful for a grant from the Partnership for a Hunger-Free Polk County that helps supplement our free meal program when volunteers and donations are not available.