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Here at St. Catherine’s, we are excited that you are choosing to celebrate the sacraments in this community. Please find information for specific sacraments below.

We are so glad to welcome your child into the Catholic Church at St. Catherine of Siena! Please contact the office to schedule the baptism and a time to meet with Father to discuss preparing for the sacrament. Baptisms are typically not offered during Lent.

Questions? Email or call the office at 515-650-8646.

Preparation for these sacraments takes place during the student’s second or third-grade year with the sacraments occurring sometime in the spring during the Easter season (typically April or May). Due to the size of our intimate community, we wait until we have a small cohort of students for preparation and sacraments, which is why sometimes students prepare and receive in third grade instead of second.

Questions? Contact Laura Carruthers-Green, Faith Formation Coordinator.

Preparation occurs in the form of four Saturday morning workshops with the student and one of their parents/guardians. Workshops are engaging, interactive, and focused on learning about the sacraments, prayers, Scripture, and more.

Questions? Contact Laura Carruthers-Green, Faith Formation Coordinator.

Confirmation preparation is on a two-year cycle and starts in the fall of even numbered years. The candidate must be no younger than starting the 9th grade at the start of the preparation process. In addition to attending the Encounter sessions each month, there is a monthly confirmation class for candidates. Formation also includes volunteer activities and a retreat experience. The sacrament of Confirmation is administered in the spring at the end of the two-year year cycle.

Questions? Contact Laura Carruthers-Green, Faith Formation Coordinator.

Congratulations on your engagement! We are looking forward to helping you prepare for your wedding day and your life together. Please contact the office as soon as possible to begin this process.

Those getting married in the Diocese of Des Moines are required to attend a sacramental marriage preparation retreat/workshop and work with a sponsor couple. St. Catherine’s will assign engaged couples a sponsor couple from within the parish who have been trained by the diocese to assist in marriage preparation. The engaged couple and their sponsor couple will arrange for time to meet, usually in the sponsor couple’s home. 

Please visit the website of the Diocese of Des Moines to learn more about these requirements and dates for upcoming sacramental marriage workshops.

Questions? Email or call the office at 515-650-8646.

Please email or call the office at 515-650-8646 for more information.



"It’s heartwarming to watch our kids learn, pray, and play together. The parents support each other in both the fun times and life’s challenging moments, really rising to the occasion to show Jesus’ love to one another in friendship and service. I say it often and truly mean it, St. Catherine’s people are the best!" ~Laura Catherine

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