Monthly Spiritual, Social and Service Activities

Spiritual, Social and Service Activities


It is open to our students at Drake University, Grandview University, and DMACC, most of the time there is no charge, occasionally we will have a small charge for an activity. Any student that is unable to pay for it they can talk to the campus minister about assistance.


Different times throughout the month which are posted on the website, our calendar, announced at mass, and On Facebook.

How it works:

Every month our student leadership team plans different activities for our students. These are either social, spiritual, or service oriented activities. For example a social activity would be bowling or going to the pumpkin patch, a spiritual activity would be having Eucharistic adoration or a speaker on Catholic teachings of all varieties, a Service activity would be going to a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or visiting a nursing home.


Our spiritual social service activities happen at a variety of places. Rides are always available, please contact the campus minister for any assistance with transportation.