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Welcome! I am so glad you’re here.   

Located on the south side of University Avenue from Drake’s campus, we exist to serve you and the wider Drake and Des Moines community. Join us for regularly scheduled events like adoration, mass, Thursday night games and fellowship, and Sunday suppers. You will always have a place at our table.  

Come and see who we are, no matter where you are in your faith. Bring your questions, bring your zeal, bring your roommate. University life is challenging, but I know this is a place where you can find renewal and community. Find friendship through Bible studies, game nights, or retreats. Find yourself through prayer, healing, and service for others.  

I’m so excited to meet you. Whether this is your first time at Drake, or just your first time at St. Catherine’s, you belong here. For more information, someone to talk to, or a needed Starbucks stop and a walk, contact me through any of the options below. God bless!  

Megan Schultz, Campus Minister, 515-650-8634 

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