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The St. Catherine of Siena Foundation is an endowment fund created by the Drake Newman Community parish. The parish provides ministry to the Drake University campus through the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center and provides grant opportunities to registered members. In 2023 our foundation provided $19,200 in funding for financial literacy, ministerial programs and projects, and physical improvements.


Learn more about criteria, how to plan your project, and the funding cycle and deadlines.

Questions? Contact Mike Stamper, 515-333-1294, or Bobbi Segura, 515-240-7883.

Grant Eligibility

Grant applicants must be registered members (student or non-student) of the Drake Newman Community/St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center. Grant proposals must address one (or more) of our priority areas. The Foundation will not review projects that cannot demonstrate this connection.

Application Process

The Foundation accepts grant applications during its annual grant cycle. Applications received outside of the grant cycle may not be accepted. The Foundation will announce the grant application opening and deadline. Refer to the Timeline section of the application for specific dates of the process.

Funding Priorities

The Foundation’s funding focuses on enhancing the faith life of the Drake Newman Community/St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center within the context of three funding priority areas:

  • Campus Ministry
  • Community Outreach
  • Education

The Foundation believes that projects based in the parish have the best opportunity to make a real difference in the faith experience of Drake University students and non-student parishioners. We look for projects that are grounded in the parish, involve one or more parishioners, and preferably, engage Drake students. Projects must be completed within the funding cycle, though we look for projects that can have a lasting effect on enriching the spiritual life of our parish.

Foundation Board Members

Father Protas Okwalo

Mike Stamper

Bobbi Segura
Board Member

Jennifer Anderson
Board Member

Manny Toribio
Board Member

David Collier
Board Member

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