Too busy for a traditional retreat?

This is designed just for you.

2017 Busy Student's Retreat begins November 12

Participating in a “Busy Student Retreat” is one way for students to grow in awareness of self, others, the world, and God despite the rigors of college life.

It is self-paced retreat that helps each student nourish their heart and soul, rediscover spiritual energy and meaning in life, and find out where they are on their journey to a closer relationship with God.

How it Works

  • The retreat focuses entirely on forming and growing each student's personal prayer life.

  • It begins with an Opening General Session after the Sunday  Evening Mass and then each student meets with their spiritual director to coordinate their own schedule.

  • The retreat is based on a 30/30/30 format

    30 minutes of daily spiritual direction with assigned spiritual director

    30 minutes of daily personal prayer and reflection

    30 minutes of additional prayer each day

    Retreat Directors & Students

    St. Catherine’s invites priests and religious sisters who visit and give daily one-on-one spiritual direction with students. The retreat directors have been trained and truly understand the spiritual needs of students.

    Busy Student's Retreat is open to students at Drake University, Grand View University, and DMACC. Thanks to a generous grant, there is no cost to students to participate.