St. Catherine’s is not only a place to worship and grow in faith, but a place to study and meet new friends. St. Catherine's has everything from movie nights and study sessions, to service programs and Bible Studies. Located on the south side of University Avenue from Drake's campus, St. Catherine's creates a 'home away from home' feeling for students, providing them with a supportive community and many exciting programs. The diverse congregation at St. Catherine's allows for students to have a unique and inviting environment to learn more about their faith and grow as individuals.


We look forward to seeing you at St. Catherine's.

The core mission of Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Drake Newman Center is to serve college and university students and young adults within the Des Moines Metropolitan area.

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center is a spiritual "home away from home" for Drake students. The Center serves as a place of worship, prayer, study and service.

All Drake University students are welcome and are not required to be Catholic in order to attend and participate in Center sponsored events. In a relaxed atmosphere, students build community, are invited to share faith and retreat experiences and are challenged to reach out in service to others in the local community while addressing issues of justice. The focus and core of the Center is the Drake University students.

At the Catholic Student Center, students are encouraged to pursue meaningful personal lives by embracing growth in prayer, faith, integrity and service as founded in Jesus Christ.


David Robinson Scholarship

Annually, the David Robinson scholarship will be up to $5,000 and for the purposes of paying the student’s educational expenses.

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