Vocations - God Calls Us All

The journey of discovering where God is calling you in life can be exciting, joyful, scary and difficult. However, God promises us peace when we find Him. Nothing compares to direct contact with a priest or a woman religious. Please consider contacting a priest or a woman religious you know. Father Joseph Pins, vocations director for Des Moines Diocese, can also journey with you as you follow Christ more closely.

  • Are you discerning religious life?

  • Are you discerning priesthood?

  • Are you discerning married life or single life?

Find time to visit Fr. Mark Owusu and share with him your desires for the call of God.


For resources: http://www.vocationsonline.org

“In the hidden recesses of the human heart the grace of a vocation takes the form of a dialogue. It is a dialogue between Christ and an individual, in which a personal invitation is given. Christ calls the person by name and says: "Come, follow me." This call, this mysterious inner voice of Christ, is heard most clearly in silence and prayer. Its acceptance is an act of faith. Saint Pope John Paul II.