Father Paul Monahan Sentenced

The guilty verdict on all five counts of invasion of privacy was upheld today in a court hearing conducted by Judge Gary Anderson as a follow-up of the trial of Father Paul Monahan, conducted in December, 2016.
Motions seeking acquittal and a new trial were denied by the judge.  Jail sentence time and minimum fines were suspended.  The requirement of sex offender treatment was not required.

Father was sentenced to one year of informal probation followed by 10 years of special parole.  He needs to register as a sex offender.
Father intends to appeal the case, which most likely will be heard by the Iowa Supreme Court or the Iowa Court of Appeals.  It is anticipated this process would take a minimum of a year.

“Again, our call goes out for heartfelt prayers for all who have been affected by these proceedings,” Des Moines Bishop Richard Pates stated.  “We remember in these prayers the alleged victims, as well as Father Monahan, who is enduring severe stress, and any others who may have been affected.  For the benefit of all, we pray that the matter be resolved fully in minimum time.”

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